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Middle Eastern Methamphetamine Factory in Tangerang


The police raided a methamphetamine factory in a luxurious Tangerang housing estate on Wednesday 1st September.

Following the raid, West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Ady Wibowo said the crystal methamphetamine factory in the Karawaci area, Tangerang, was discovered to be part of a Middle Eastern drug network.

The two suspects arrested are foreigners from the Middle East, precisely Iran,” Ady said in his statement on Friday 3rd September.

The chief went on to say that his team is still conducting investigations and collecting evidence from the homemade methamphetamine factory.

Furthermore, West Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Head Kompol Danang Setiyo said that his party had secured the location for investigation purposes.

“We basically keep it in the status quo, because it is still under investigation,” said Danang.

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