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Peruvian Smuggling 4kg of Cocaine Sentenced to 10 Years of Prison

Jorgei Rafael Albornoz Gamarra was caught smuggling 4kg of cocaine back in December 2018

The Denpasar Court has sentenced Jorgei Rafael Albornoz Gamarra to 10 years imprisonment.

The Peruvian was caught smuggling 4kg of cocaine back in December 2018 by custom officers at Bali’s airport.

“We sentence the defendant to 10 years in prison and a fine of Rp1billion (USD 70,500),” said Bambang Ekaputra, head of the panel of judges.

The sentence was less than what was earlier demanded by the prosecutor. Based on Article 113 of Indonesia’s 2009 law on narcotics, Gamarra could be subjected to 15 years imprisonment and Rp10billion fine.

Gamarra told the police that he was promised a reward of US$1,000 by a person in Brazil if he was able to smuggle the drugs. The 4kg of cocaine he had carried was reportedly worth Rp10billion.

Source: Coconuts
Image: Jawa Pos

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