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Palestinian Foreigner Ran Through Surabaya Immigration Centre

Palestinian Foreigner Ran Through Surabaya Immigration Centre. source Youtube VIVACOID

The East Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office detained a Palestinian visitor after a search for the person who fled from Surabaya Immigration Detention Centre in Raci, Pasuruan.

The detention was a joint effort by the National Armed Forces and the National Police.

The Head of the Immigration Division of the East Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Jaya Saputra, issued a written statement confirming the escape of a Palestinian detainee on Sunday at around noon. He explained that the detainee, known as MDH, escaped when officers were starting to lock the residential block.

According to the existing operating procedures, officers control each block and are present in the aisle of the detention block. Usually, this creates a safe and conducive situation.

However, sometime after the lockdown, the detainee was gathering laundry and suddenly ran out of blocks. They then tried to take a motorcycle from an officer which resulted in a fight between MDH and officers.

Shortly after arriving at the front of the detention centre, MDH damaged the car key storage area then took the car that was in the garage. The 41-year-old Palestinian eventually fled by ramming a car multiple times into the gate.

The escapee has since been detained. Jaya said that he is asking for information from the public if they see the car that MDH took. The vehicle details are a black Orlando-type Chevrolet with the plate number N 1030 SP (red plate).

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