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One Death Reported in Train Crash near Yogyakarta

The 8am train from Jakarta to Solo collided with a truck around 80km outside of Yogyakarta.

The collision occurred around 2pm, Sunday 25th August, and one death was reported at the scene.

“The train felt like it jumped and then swayed on the tracks and it was coming to a stop. It was really scary,” said our reporter who was a passenger on the train at the time.

Unconfirmed reports at the scene were that the truck was crossing at a point with no barriers in place. It is said that one driver was killed at the scene and the second driver was taken to a local hospital. There have been no reports of his well-being since.

Following the collision, the train stopped and rail staff were seen removing pieces of metal from the front of the driver’s carriage. The train then was slowly moved to Prembun station where the driver’s carriage was removed and a replacement was sent from Kutoarjo before the journey continued with a 2-hour delay.

Image: Joanne Rushton

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