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Odd-Even Rationing Will Most Likely Improve Air Quality

Odd-even policy. Jakarta PSBB Extended, Odd-Even Policy Not in Force

The Leaded Gasoline Removal Committee (KPBB) have said that the expansion of car restrictions based on the odd and even rationing imposed since 9th September 2019, has not significantly improved Jakarta’s air quality.

When calculated using contributors of pollutants per day in Jakarta, private cars (excluding taxis) only accounted for about 16 percent of pollution, out of a total of 19,350 tons of pollutants. Even in optimum conditions, the maximum reduction of pollution can only be 25 percent – a number which is yet to be achieved.

“There is a reduction, but it isn’t significant. It has also not been recalculated for the addition of motorcycle volumes as car users may have been overcame. The largest contributor is motorcycles, reaching 44.53 percent, followed by city buses with 21 percent, trucks with 18 percent, passenger vehicles or cars with 16 percent, etc,” said Executive Director of KPBB, Ahmad Safrudin.

Head of Jakarta Environmental Office, Andono Warih, also stated that the impact on the current odd-even expansion began to be felt in the improving air quality. This improvement in air quality is measured using the declining concentrations of size 2.5 pollutants based, on the results of monitoring conducted by the environmental service, performed at the Air Quality Monitoring Station (SPKU) of Hotel Indonesia, Kelapa Gading, and on Jalan Suryopranoto.

“Based on our monitored valuation, a reduction in the degree of its saturation can be up to 20 percent measured from PM 2.5. There are 20 percent, some are 11 percent,” Andono said.

It is believed that Jakarta’s air quality can further improve by suppressing pollution generated by motor vehicles. KPBB hopes that the provincial government of Jakarta is firm and moves fast to overcome this health and environmental concern. Besides restricting the number of vehicles on road, a motor vehicle emissions cap should also be implemented.

Source: Kompas
Image: Beritagar

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