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Obscene Video Footage of Drunken Australian Tourists Emerges

Five drunken men were seen urinating in public and damaging property

Footage of a group of Australian men in Bali running naked, urinating in public, and shouting profanities to the locals has surfaced.

The shocking video was reportedly filmed by the group’s Balinese tour guide, and was uploaded via Snapchat. At least five drunken men were seen urinating in public and damaging property.

One of the men hurled swear words at a passerby whilst others stripped naked. One of the men, as heard on the video, exclaimed “Do it nude. You got to do it naked or it’s not funny”.

The obscene video has since been shared on Facebook. Ross Taylor, from the Indonesia Institute in Western Australia, told 7News that he had “never seen anything as obscene” as what he saw in the video. Taylor also added that the men have shown utter disrespect towards Bali, its people and its culture.

Source: Australia
Image: Snapchat

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