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KPAI Says Children Participating in Demonstrations Are Tired of Not Going to School

KPAI Says Children Participating in Demonstrations Are Tired of Not Going to School

Jasra Putra, the Commissioner for the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has suggested that the reason behind the high number of students attending demonstrations is because they are tired of not going to school.

He said that the children participating in the demonstration lacked family protection as parents may be returning home late or working far away. He suggested students should tend to their online activities and assignments on their own.

Jasra gave an example that one of the participants was a junior high school student from Tangerang who came to Central Jakarta by train. The child joined protests after being invited by friends on social media and chose to join in as conditions at home were uncomfortable anyways.

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From Jasra’s investigations, the children in the demonstrations didn’t pay attention to the speeches or commands delivered. In other words, Jasra believes that the student simply joined in to be a part of something and escape life at home.

Jasra said that in situations like this around demonstrations, children should stay away as it can be very dangerous. Things such as smoke, violence, provocation, and riots make them vulnerable. Also, no one is being reminded to wear masks or to socially distance, risking the spread of COVID-19.

“Children become a vulnerable group in masses like this, especially with the conditions of the pandemic,” said Jasra.

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