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Indonesia Celebrates 75th Independence Day

Indonesia Celebrates 75th Independence Day

President Joko Widodo discussed the meaning of independence during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Indonesian independence.

His Twitter account, @jokowi, stated that the Indonesian people can enjoy the meaning of independence because they achieved it through their struggles 75 years ago.

“We enjoy the meaning of independence because we achieved it by struggling. We know the meaning of progress because we tread it through tests and challenges,” Jokowi tweeted.

Jokowi also expressed optimism “As a nation that was born out of struggle, we believe: in every difficulty, there is always a way out,” he said.

In his tweet, Jokowi also uploaded a video regarding the obstacles of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said such an obstacle has never been faced before. However, the president believes that with a burning passion these obstacles can be overcome.

Meanwhile, Indonesian artist Kirana Larasati raised the red and white flag under the sea. Through her personal Instagram account, Kirana uploaded a self-portrait under the water. Wearing a red diving suit, Kirana holds a stick with a red and white flag, the national flag of Indonesia.

Kirana posed respectfully towards the camera. This is a unique way for Kirana Larasati to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence. In the photo caption, Kirana wrote a short poem related to the moment of independence: “Mackerel sharks. Longevity the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, (Ikan hiu ikan tenggiri. Dirgahayu NKRI).

Source: CNN Indonesia & Merdeka

Image: Merdeka

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