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French Man Bone Breaks By Waves In Nusa Penida

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French Man Bone Breaks By Waves In Nusa Penida

A French man, Rabot Jean Pascal Brayn, has been hit by waves and suffered injuries while swimming at Kelingking Beach, Bunga mekar Village, Nusa Penida. 

The incident occurred on Wednesday 24th August 2022 at around 1:55pm local Bali time.

Head of the Nusa Penida Police Commissioner I Gede Redastra said the incident began when Brayn and his partner, Bosse Marlene Estelle, headed for Kelingking beach accompanied by a driver at around 11:50am. After arriving at Kelingking Beach at around 12.30pm, Brayn and Estelle went swimming while the driver stayed in the car park. 

The pair were swimming for roughly one hour when suddenly a big wave came towards the man, causing him to crash and fall into the sand. As a result, Brayn suffered a fracture to the left arm bone.

Hearing of this incident, Nusa Penida Police personnel together with the Nusa Penida Search and Rescue Agency and a medical team planned a land evacuation. However, after receiving information that Brayn’s condition was weak and he was unable to walk, it was decided to evacuate by sea using a Rigid Inflatable Boat.

Head of the Bali National Search and Rescue Agency Office Gede Darmada added that four personnel and one medical personnel from the Nusa Medika Hospital were dispatched using Rigid Inflatable Boat 02 Nusa Penida. Upon arrival, several teams were sent to swim closer to the beach because the Rigid Inflatable Boat could not dock on the shoreline.

At around 5:25 pm, we managed to evacuate Brayn to the port, then he was taken to the Nusa Medika Clinic to get further help and treatment,” he said.

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