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Islamic Defenders Front Outlawed

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The flag in question is believed to have been raised during the most recent rally of FPI.

The Indonesian government has banned the hardline Islamist organisation known as the Islamic Defenders Front, or Front Pembela Islam (FPI), and prohibit all its activities.

The disbandment was announced in a joint decree (SKB) from the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Law and Human Rights, the Minister of Communication and Information, the Attorney General, the Chief of Police, and the Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT).

Based on the decree, the use of FPI symbols and attributes is officially prohibited in the country.

“It is prohibited to carry out activities, to use symbols and attributes of the Islamic Defenders Front within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, (Wamenkumham) Eddy Hiariej.

The decree also states that law enforcement bodies have the authority to take action if there is any activity that uses the FPI symbols or other attributes. “If there is a violation as regulated in the third dictum, law enforcement officers will stop all activities held by the Islamic Defenders Front,” said Eddy.

The government explained that the FPI is not registered as a social organisation nor regulated in statutory regulations. Due to the lack of official status, the government has disbanded the group. The FPI is led by well-known Islamic cleric Rizieq, a controversial figure in Indonesian politics, who was arrested earlier this month.

The grouping is said to carry out activities that disturb peace, public order, and that are against the law. “This joint decision comes into force from the date of stipulation. It will be stipulated in Jakarta on 30th December 2020,” said Eddy.

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