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Floods Receded, 3,106 Jakarta residents still displaced

Residents situation due to flood in Jakarta

Many residents in DKI Jakarta are still displaced after the flooding that has inundated a number of areas in the capital since 1st January 2020.

Based on data from the DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), the number of refugees stands at 3,106. Most refugees are in West Jakarta.

“In West Jakarta there are still 3 RT in one area affected by flooding, the water level is currently, at its deepest, 150cm. There are 2,867 refugees in five refugee locations,” said Head of Data and Information Centre at DKI Jakarta BPBD, Ridwan on Monday 6th January.

In West Jakarta, the flooding occurred due to overflow from the Angke River, Pesanggrahan River, West Flood Canal, and tidal flooding. Meanwhile in East Jakarta, all of the areas that were affected by floods have receded. However, there are still 200 refugees in one location. Floods in East Jakarta occurred due to overflowing of the Ciliwung, Cipinang, and Sunter rivers.

The North Jakarta area has seen flood water recede, but there are still 20 refugees in one location. This flooding occurred due to overflow of the Cakung River, Sunter River, and tidal flooding. “In South Jakarta, the entire region has also had waters recede but there are still 19 people in one refugee location. Floods happened in this area due to the overflowing of the Ciliwung, Krukut, Grogol, and Pesanggrahan rivers,” Ridwan explained.

In Central Jakarta, the entire region has seen all flood waters recede and no residents have fled.
Ridwan added, there were residents who were still displaced even though their houses had not been flooded because they were still cleaning.” Because the houses are still in the recovery stage, they will first clear the mud,” he concluded.

Source: Kompas

Image: Tribunnews

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