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ACG School Jakarta’s New Principal Boosts Global Outlook

ACG School Jakarta principal
ACG School Jakarta Principal Myles d'Airelle

“I enjoy being part of the community of educators which supports and helps others to grow and broaden their understanding of the world,”

Enthused ACG School Jakarta Principal Myles d’Airelle, during a chat with Indonesia Expat about his new role and his return to Indonesia.

Myles, you have a wealth of educational experience working at top independent schools in Ukraine, Germany, and more recently, China. What are you most looking forward to at ACG School Jakarta?

After such a long period of online learning, having everyone on campus is invigorating. It’s been great to welcome students back and I’m looking to bring a truly global outlook to the community. I want to strengthen the sense of belonging across the school so students always feel welcome and alumni want to come back and visit.

Furthermore, having helped students apply to top ten universities in the past, I’m excited to continue this at the school. Supporting students in their future choices is essential, including finding their best-fit university destinations. I’m also keen to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of our students so they are prepared to transition into the world after ACG.

Briefly tell us about ACG School Jakarta.

ACG School Jakarta is a vibrant, values-driven school which focusses on the whole child. Our holistic approach delivers excellence in academic achievement while supporting students’ physical, social, and emotional development to ensure they maximise their potential.

Plus, as a member of Inspired, one of the world’s leading groups of premium independent schools, we are part of a dynamic community that unlocks international opportunities and experiences for our students.

Please complete this sentence: At ACG School Jakarta, students will be…

Global in outlook, local in action, entrepreneurial in nature, and compassionate in outreach.

With your strong International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum background, how are you planning to further elevate the IB Diploma Programme at ACG?

It’s all about preparation. The diploma course is challenging and combines rigorous academics with core elements and experiences. Our goal is to ensure students develop strong study skills and the ability to balance and prioritise these various areas before they enter the programme. This ensures they are in the best possible position to succeed.

In your view, why should a parent opt for the IB Diploma?

The diploma gives every student a broad education and the chance to excel in areas of strength. It allows them to experience university-style learning while still having the support of familiar faces. Research shows that IBDP graduates tend to perform better at university and are more likely to complete their studies than peers who didn’t follow the programme. The level of education students receive in a strong IB school like ACG School Jakarta stands them in good stead as they transition into university.

You were a maths and science teacher in the past. Do you miss teaching?

I definitely enjoyed my time teaching maths and science. Seeing the ‘lightbulb’ moment of realisation on students’ faces was extremely rewarding and it’s amazing to see the remarkable things they can and will accomplish. Many former students still contact me with updates on new projects or jobs.

Although I no longer teach, I still play an important role in student development through the ongoing support and continuing school growth I oversee.

Myles, what’s next for you and ACG School Jakarta?

I’m very excited about a new initiative involving reaching out to the wider community to broaden our students’ learning experiences. I can’t say too much now, but this project features opportunities that will help students with their future choices.

Share with us your thoughts on expat life in Jakarta.

As a British native, being an expat in Jakarta is wonderful. I’ve only been in the city for a short time but I previously spent nine years working in Indonesia and I’ve enjoyed seeing the changes the city has undergone since I was last here. Jakarta is one of the easiest cities in Southeast Asia to get to know other expats and the friendly local people, making it a very engaging place to live.

Describe yourself in five words.

Humorous, empathic, well-travelled, competitive, and resilient.

How can our readers get in touch with you and ACG School Jakarta?

Along with a great deal more information on our school, all of our contact details are listed on our website. So please visit us at,

We look forward to hearing from you!

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