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Batam City Administration to Reject Waste Imports

Waste product

The Batam city administration on the Riau islands has stated that it will reject any waste imports into the region.

The waste products, often dumped by factories and industries, are known to lead to environmental damage.

Head of the Batam Environmental Governance Service Agency, IP, has announced that the agency will strongly support the waste regulation management in order to preserve the city’s environment. They have also urged the government to re-evaluate permits on plastic waste imports.

According to IP, there has been an increase in the number of containers filled with imported plastic waste, violating import regulations. The waste products are often in the form of plastic buckets and pipes. The importers have been known to argue that the containers would serve the growing industrial market in Batam. However, IP said, “We have no problem with them utilising plastic pellets, but the main problem is the waste products.”

The containers are currently undergoing lab tests at the Ministry of Environment to determine future decisions regarding their use.

Source: Antara News
Image: Tribun News

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