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Additional 20 March 2020 Travel Measures

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According to the circular letter of the Directorate General of Immigration within the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to the Head of the Immigration Office in Indonesia, regulations by the Minister of Law and Human Rights will be published soon, regarding to the additional policies of the Indonesian Government relating to people travelling from and to Indonesia effectively on 20 March 2020 at 00:00 is as the following:

  1. To provide an explanation to the community that immigration does not decline the departure against foreigners who will exit the territory of Indonesia as long as they have no legal reasons;
  2. To foreigners who are in Indonesia and are impacted by a lockdown due to the coronavirus may be granted the residence permit (Izin Tinggal) of the forced state;
  3. Application for the residence permit as such condition may be filed at the local immigration office;
  4. The immigration offices does not reject the file of the residence permit by forced state with the terms according to the prevailing provisions, to be processed after the validity of the regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights.

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