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LIFE School Jakarta’s International Education Fair

LIFE School Jakarta's International Education Fair
LIFE School Jakarta's International Education Fair

In an era defined by interconnectedness and the pursuit of knowledge beyond borders, LIFE School Jakarta takes a bold step forward by organising its first International Education Fair.

Set to take place on Friday, 24th November 2023, from 2 to 5 PM, the fair promises to be a gateway for students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad. LIFE School Jakarta opened its doors to the public, offering a unique opportunity for individuals to explore academic possibilities across diverse and globally renowned countries.

On this occasion, LIFE School Jakarta had a partnership with embassies and featured 10 higher education specialists, each representing their respective countries – France, Switzerland, the United States, Ireland, Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, and Hungary. These specialists not only provided insights into the academic offerings of their universities but also guided attendees through the admission procedures and highlighted essential dates for prospective students. A key focus of the fair was on the diverse scholarship programs offered by these institutions, opening doors to educational opportunities for a wider range of students.

LIFE School Jakarta Partnered with Embassies and Hosted 10 Higher Education Specialists.
LIFE School Jakarta Partnered with Embassies and Hosted 10 Higher Education Specialists.

LIFE School Jakarta’s commitment to fostering a global perspective in education is evident in the array of countries participating in the fair. The decision to include international universities known for their academic excellence and innovative approach to education reflects the school’s dedication to offering students a comprehensive understanding of international academic landscapes.

“It’s really interesting to me. This event is good for us parents to update our information regarding current international universities’ study programs. Hopefully, there will be more countries that participate in this education fair,” said Natasya Suratna, one of the students’ parents.

LIFE School Jakarta
Attendees Can Explore Country Booths for Interactive Presentations and Discussions

The fair ensures accessibility for students, parents, and educators alike. Attendees can visit each country’s booth to gain interactive presentations, engaging discussions, and the chance to personally connect with representatives from universities around the world. This unique opportunity allows for one-on-one interactions, enabling participants to gather detailed information about the courses, campus life, and admission requirements directly from the experts.

LIFE School Jakarta, as the host, embraces the principle of inclusivity by making the event free and open to the public. This decision reflects the school’s commitment to democratising access to global educational opportunities. LIFE School Jakarta’s international education fair is purposed to support students to get higher education and can benefit from the information and networking opportunities available at the fair.

Brahim Oualli, the principal of LIFE School Jakarta, said, “Our goal is to support students to get into a good university once they graduate from secondary school, by providing them with key highlights and information regarding the international university system.”

Brahim Oualli, the principal of LIFE School Jakarta
Brahim Oualli, the Principal of LIFE School Jakarta (left)

LIFE School Jakarta is a high-level international school that accepts children aged 2 to 17 years from all nationalities in a modern environment. It is part of the world’s largest French school network spread across 138 countries. Although applying a French education curriculum, the school is committed to multilingual and multicultural education. LIFE School Jakarta is not only for French-speaking children but is also open to children from many countries with diverse linguistic backgrounds. Currently, there are children from more than 32 different nationalities studying here.

LIFE School Jakarta’s International Education Fair is not merely an event; it is a bridge connecting dreams with opportunities. By bringing together higher education specialists from ten countries, the fair creates a space where students can explore, inquire, and plan their academic futures.

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