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Face-to-Face School Trial in Jakarta Starts 7th April

School Trial
Face-to-Face School Trial in Jakarta Starts 7th April

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will conduct face-to-face school trials starting 7th April.

The scheme will allow students at each level of school to take turns to learn face-to-face again.

Jakarta Education Agency’s spokesperson Taga Radja said that students who take part in face-to-face learning on Mondays will be in grades four, seven, and ten.

“Students of pre-school, kindergarten, and elementary school grades one to three will still be studying at home,” said Taga.

On Wednesday, students in grades five, eight, and 11 will be able to do face-to-face learning. “Thursday will be for disinfecting. Then Friday is for students in grades six, nine, and 12. That’s our plan,” he said.

Meanwhile, his team is still preparing other technical regulations, including the length of time students will spend in school each day.

Based on the data, said Taga, there are about 100 schools ranging from elementary to high school level that will take part in the trials. However, the number could still be reduced according to the results of the preparedness training conducted by the ministry.

The government previously had a target of schools opening by July 2021. After vaccinating teachers and education personnel is complete, schools will be required to begin face-to-face learning.

“We hope that in the new academic year in July 2021, all places of education will be able to provide limited face-to-face learning services,” said Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy on 30th March 2021.

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