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How to Become a Registered Immigration Consultant in Indonesia

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Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly has ratified the Law and Human Rights Minister Regulation number 35 of 2021 concerning Immigration Consultants on Friday 17th September 2021.

In the regulations, it states that users of immigration services can take advantage of the services of an immigration consultant for consulting services as well as document management assistance by first giving power of attorney.

According to this regulation, an Immigration Consultant is a person who provides immigration services and has attended and passed immigration service executor training that was organised by the Directorate General of Immigration.

To be able to provide consulting services and provide assistance to applicants for immigration services, the Immigration Consultant must be accommodated by an Immigration Consulting Office.

An Immigration Consulting Office can take the form of:

  • A placement company for Indonesian migrant workers
  • A law office
  • A travel agency
  • A special umrah and hajj travel agency
  • Travel agents
  • Travel agents for special pilgrimages
  • Impresario/promoter services
  • Any other travel agency

These companies can work with both domestic and foreign customers, as determined by the Director-General of Immigration, once the office is registered.

After the regulations were confirmed, the Head of the Public Relations Subdivision of the Directorate General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Soleh, said, “So far, many applicants for immigration services have been harmed by unprofessional immigration consulting service providers. The spirit of this regulation is to minimise this and ensure the presence of a professional and certified Immigration Consultants.”

It should be emphasised again that prospective immigration consultants who take part in the training that’ll be held by the Directorate General of Immigration may not be a civil servant, in the national armed forces, or be members of the Indonesian National Police,” he concluded.

Immigration Consultant Office Registration

For business entities that wish to register as an Immigration Consulting Office, it must submit an application letter to the Director-General of Immigration by attaching the following documents:

  1. KTP and NPWP of company leaders
  2. Business registration number
  3. Proof of ownership or office lease, contract, or collaboration agreement
  4. A certificate of employing an Immigration Consultant who has passed the training
  5. An Immigration Consultant training certificate
  6. Latest company deed
  7. Three months of statements for a checking account or savings book with a nominal last balance of Rp1 billion for registration with a working area in one province; Rp2 billion for registration with a working area covering the whole of Indonesia;  as well as Rp5 billion for registration with a working area in one province and abroad.

Other documents that must be included in the application include the permit from an Indonesian migrant worker placement company for a prospective Immigration Consulting Office in the form of a placement company for Indonesian migrant workers, and/or a tourism business certificate for a prospective Immigration Consulting Office in the form of a travel agency.

In addition, candidates for an Immigration Consulting Office with a working area of ??one province and abroad must also have experience in managing immigration services abroad as evidenced by attaching a certificate provided by the Immigration Officer appointed to the Indonesian Representative abroad.

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