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Breathe In and Breath Out Freshness at Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni

Breathe In and Breath Out Freshness at Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni
Breathe In and Breath Out Freshness at Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni

Jakarta; a city synonymous with poor air quality – as we often hear.

Recent reports state that from 2020 to 2021, the city’s air quality continued to show improvement with decreasing amount of “unhealthy” and “very unhealthy” days during the period.

Take Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni as an example.

Air quality
Air quality

In fact, Jakarta’s Air Pollution Standard Index between January-December 2021 noted that no “very unhealthy” days were recorded. At last, some fresh air in the metropolis! To be extra cautious, air circulation within buildings should be kept in mind. What’s the point of breathing fresh outside air to then go on to breathe suffocating indoor circulated air?

Better solutions serving greater value runs deep in the hotel’s team ethos to bestow guests’ needs. Air conditioning and air intake technology are in the spotlight to optimise the in-building air quality. The hotel caters for business and leisure purposes, after all. Quality family time and distinctive meetings are often spent here, noticeable from the mass movements of guests wandering around the lobby, restaurant, meeting rooms, fitness centre, and pool.

The hotel aims to become a SMART hotel. So far, two innovative actions have been taken. First is the usage of the Air Quality Meter to perform a reading which records a comprehensive suite of air quality indicators such as CO2, pollutants, humidity levels, dust particles per m2, etc. Second is the Robot Cleaner, known as Mr Clean. It operates in the public areas, especially the lobby, to ensure top-notch cleanliness with minimal physical contact by tackling navigation and vacuuming with the help of several features in an application and various sensors. More SMART – innovative – technologies are coming soon as well.

Three types of accommodation are offered from the fifth to 29th floor; Vertu Suites (56 sqm), Vertu Room (28 sqm) with the Vertu Signature Bathrooms, and the V Room (28 sqm) are all designed with modern yet simple touches. The walls are in white, accented with a wallpaper of Jakarta’s cityscape above the bed frames, pieces of furniture are in neutral tones known to deliver serenity, and the black-out curtains embrace your desire to disappear for a day.

The French public’s nostalgia of the Belle Epoque period, Joie de Vivre, or the Joy of Living, brought rapid advancements in technology and science as well as inspiring new approaches in fashion, dance, and film. This period inspires every element within the hotel. Guests are assured to have a memorable stay, fashionably enriched with simple indulgence. As one of the guests there, I concur.

I stayed at the Vertu Room all the way up on the 23rd floor. It’s equipped with a fully stocked minibar, a 42” LED TV with cable network access, an espresso machine, a pillow menu, a hairdryer, and air conditioning – similar amenities are available in the Vertu Suites. What’s fascinating is the Vertu Signature Bathroom. Once you enter, two sliding doors separate it from the bedroom. It’s a unique way to control privacy which other accommodation doesn’t normally offer. Pulling out the door in front of the sink displays a mirror. The lighting there is superb to get ready to and snap mirror selfies!

Harris Vertu Harmoni The sophisticated Harris Vertu Harmoni is conveniently located in Central Jakarta, near the National Museum, National Monument (Monas), Chinatown, and Jakarta’s Old Town (Kota Tua). The Vertu Room I stayed at unveils a clear image of Jakarta’s iconic landmark Monas – from clouds surrounding it during the day to its colourful light changes at night. Jakarta’s vibrant nightlife, as well as popular shopping malls such as Central Park, Plaza Indonesia, and Grand Indonesia, are also within 5km of the hotel. It’s also strategically located from the Sudirman, Rasuna Said, and Thamrin business districts.

Harmoni Exchange Mall is within the premises but I reckon guests should experience a true Epicurean journey at VOYAGE by HARRIS Vertu on the fifth floor. Voyage is French for travelling. Diners are taken on a journey to indulge in different types of world cuisines made of the freshest ingredients, enhancing wellbeing and satisfaction in three seating arrangements: dinner-type, communal, and an outdoor area overlooking the city and pool.

harris vertu Voyage’s buffet is the star attraction that comes to life every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you have a corporate or social agenda, you can relish in the assortment of succulent Western, Asian, and Indonesian delicacies. If that’s not your cup of tea then opt for the 24/7 in-room dining service.

Curtains closed, air conditioning blasted to the max, I was exhausted although it was only just after lunch. I unknowingly took a three-hour nap. Usually, I can’t fall asleep easily under this circumstance but, to my surprise, I basked in a deep slumber before midnight.

They say a healthy body derives from well-spent rest, nourishing food, daily movement, and clean air quality. I, for one, got the perfect mixture of these health necessities at Harris Vertu Hotel Harmoni, although it was only for two days and one night. Got to start somewhere, right?

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