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Are You Looking for a New Home in Jakarta? Let Esti McMillan Help You Find the Perfect Place

new home Jakarta
Are You Looking for a New Home in Jakarta? Let Esti McMillan Help You Find the Perfect Place

Let’s face it: Jakarta is not exactly the easiest city to live in.

The COVID-19 pandemic covered up two of the city’s most urgent problems: horrendous traffic and air pollution. Both will for sure bounce back once we enter more normal times again.

Living in an exhausting city like Jakarta, one thing becomes very important: the place where you live! This should be the place where you and your family feel well and can relax – your individual home far away from home.

Esti and her colleagues at EMC Relocations are there to help you find your perfect home in Jakarta.

Esti McMillan
Esti, you describe EMC Relocations as a boutique relocations company. What does this mean?

Esti: We never follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We treat every client according to their individual needs and expectations. That’s why we usually start by asking a lot of questions in the beginning – we want to get to know our clients. We would never show an overwhelming number of houses. We show the ones that fit, sometimes even only one or two.

Does it make sense to look for a new house or apartment during the pandemic?

Esti: The last year has been difficult for the whole market. Many people who were supposed to move to Indonesia from other countries couldn’t enter the country. Many families left for good. This development has, of course, had an effect on prices. We currently advise many clients whose lease ends soon and who are looking to upscale their housing.

Do you also support clients who are looking to buy a property?

Esti: The regulations for buying high standards apartments for foreigners have eased a bit last year. We are more than happy to consult clients who are considering buying property – house or apartments – in Jakarta as well as in Bali.

You are kind of a local property guru and you have countless happy clients. What is your secret?

Esti: I was born in Indonesia but have spent many years abroad. When I returned here, I came as an expat myself – so I know first-hand what it is like to uproot your family and move to another country. I know both perspectives, I guess that’s why I can understand our clients’ needs. Besides that, we have managed to establish good connections with many landlords especially in South Jakarta.

About Esti McMillan and EMC Relocations:

EMC Relocations is a boutique relocations company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company provides any support needed to get settled in Jakarta and the whole of Indonesia with home search, school search, house auditing to cross-cultural training. Esti founded EMC Relocations in 2003. Today the team consists of a female team of four: Esti McMillan (real estate specialist with a focus on houses), Lyubov Averiyanova (real estate specialist with a focus on high standard apartments), Tenny Afrianti (Account Executive) and Putri Alviata (Coordinator and Digital Marketing expert).


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