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Indonesia Expat Signs Circulation Deal with Airfi Indonesia

New distribution agreement means millions of readers all over Indonesia

Indonesia Expat is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Airfi Indonesia, the fastest growing provider of inflight entertainment in the world, to provide its content on the Airfi Inflight Entertainment platform onboard thousands of yearly flights all over the archipelago. The new deal means that Indonesia Expat content will now be available to millions of readers every month.

“It was a logical choice for us,” said Satish Mahtani, Managing Director Airfi Indonesia. “Indonesia Expat has been providing high quality English language content in Indonesia for many years. They are the perfect partner for Airfi in this country.”

Edo Frese, General Manager of Indonesia Expat, believes the agreement will benefit both sides. “This is a perfect partnership for us all. Airfi systems are onboard aircraft flying all over Indonesia and we produce content that is relevant to their needs every two weeks. It is also good news for our advertisers who will now be able to reach millions of potential customers.”

The Airfi system uses high speed onboard wifi to provide world class inflight entertainment via the passenger’s personal device, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Passengers only need to connect to the system and then they can choose from movies, TV, games etc exactly the same as found on full service long-haul aircraft. This is perfect for low-cost carriers that do not provide seatback screens as are found on more expensive flights. The inflight entertainment is provided to the passenger completely free of charge.

Airfi systems are current onboard aircraft carrying nearly 14 million passengers per year all over Indonesia and that number is expected to more than quadruple over the coming months.

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