German Citizen Found Dead in a Gorontalo City Hotel Pool

German Citizen Found Dead in a Gorontalo City Hotel Pool

The occupants of the hotel in Gorontalo City have been crushed by the discovery of a German citizen’s deceased body, found lying on the hotel’s pool. The victim, named as Frans Andreas, 51, was found dead early this morning.

The police were called to the hotel located on Jalan Monginsidi, Taruna Complex, Gorontalo. “The investigation into this foreigner’s death is still ongoing but there are signs from the crime scene that it was allegedly a suicide,” Chief of Police for Gorontalo City, AKBP Desmont Harjendro, said.

Around 6 am East Indonesia Time, the deceased was found. The Gorontalo City Police, together with the provincial health office, conducted investigations at around 8 am local time.

Unsure of the deceased current health status, and not wanting to take risks with their own safety, local authorities evacuated the corpse using standard procedures used for COVID-19 patients.

Source: Detik

Image: Hulondalo

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