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Help Friends for Life with Bali Dynasty Resort

Since 2016, Bali Dynasty Resort has been reaching out to less fortunate people in Bali through a charity project called “Help Friends for Life” in partnership with Solemen, an Indonesian non-profit foundation formed in October 2010 to raise awareness and provide funds to support accredited agencies and projects for the disadvantaged in Bali.

Through this initiative, Bali Dynasty Resort seeks more subjective ways to alleviate the suffering of those who are impoverished and desperately needing help through medical support, healthcare, education and therapy; as well as by providing items or equipment that can give them a better life and well-being.

Through various fundraising efforts, the resort was able to raise more than Rp. 410 million (over US$30,000) for this project. The fund has enabled them to support SoleBuddies with their ongoing long-term care and education while at the same time helping many individuals with one-off donations such as wheelchairs, prosthetic legs and medical treatment.

The resort also reported as the charity effort progressed this year, they were able to sponsor bigger projects including a Solemen car service, which transports the needy and their families from the remote areas of Bali to the hospital; funding the Solemen House – a four-bedroom haven for poor patients and families to stay at no cost; and sponsoring the shower and toilet project for an impoverished community in North Bali, giving 26 people access to basic and proper hygiene.

“We thank all of our guests for their generous donations and support of our charity effort, which has enabled us to provide a sustainable social commitment to help the disadvantaged people in Bali,” as quoted in Bali Dynasty Resort’s monthly newsletter.

The resort also announced more fundraising activities will be held at the “Back to Bali Dynasty Party” on 10 February 2018 in Perth, which is their biggest annual fundraising effort. In addition, the resort added they also accomplish a lot of fundraising within the resort itself,through everyday poolside games, donation boxes, the voluntary $2 donation when checking out, and the twice-weekly Charity Quiz Night at Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm for which everyone is welcome.

If you wish to make a donation directly to the Solemen Foundation, please visit, call +62812 3720 6220, or send an email to [email protected].


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