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Conflicts Between Humans and Tigers Needs Resolution

sumatran tiger

Activists from the Wildlife Crime Team (WCT) have asked the Indonesian government to form a task force to focuses on handling conflicts that have been escalating between humans and the Sumatran Tiger in Riau Province.

Regulations to handle such conflicts already exist according to WCT coordinator Osmantri, although they are not entirely adhered to. For example, one of rules that should regulate the process is the Forestry Minister’s Regulation no.P.48/Menhut-II/2008 on the Guidelines for Conflict Management between Humans and Wild Animals.

“In Riau, people only get concerned after a conflict happens,” Osmantri said. Local residents of Pelangiran, Indragiri Hilir, have demanded the authorities relocate the protected animals. “These conflicts between the tigers and humans have been going on for a decade. The area was originally the natural habitat of the protected animal.”

He added that the growing need for human shelter is pushing back animals as their habitats’ size becomes increasingly smaller.

Source: Tempo
Image: World Atlas

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