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10 Tips for Planning a Trip to Las Vegas

trip to Las Vegas
10 Tips for Planning a Trip to Las Vegas

Learn the best ways to prepare for a successful trip to Las Vegas

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? If it is your first time travelling to Sin City, you may have many questions about how best to prepare for your big trip.

Every Las Vegas tourist has a unique travel itinerary because it is based on their budget, personal interests, and the others at their party. That is why your Las Vegas plans should revolve around your priorities rather than copying someone else’s plans.

Below are the top 10 tips for planning a trip to Las Vegas for newbies and experienced travellers.

1) Military Discounts

Many Las Vegas shows offer discount ticket opportunities to active military service members coming to Las Vegas. American military personnel deserves special discounts because they do so much to keep the country safe daily. That is why numerous shows give back to the brave men and women in uniform by offering unique discounts on their tickets.

You can find military discounts for shows like All Shook Up, America’s Got Talent, Blue Man Group, Australian Bee Gees, Carrot Top, Jerry Seinfeld, and many other fantastic shows. If you are an active military member, look for special military discounts on tickets for the shows you’re interested in seeing in Las Vegas.

2) Bring Comfortable Clothing

You may consider Las Vegas an upscale city with luxury hotels and event dress codes. However, you don’t need to wear a suit and tie or dress to attend most shows and events in Las Vegas. In fact, there are little to no dress codes for any of the shows in Las Vegas.

So feel free to wear whatever casual clothing makes you comfortable, such as a t-shirt, jeans, and sweatshirt. You’ll be doing a lot of travelling, so it is better to have comfortable clothing to wear for the whole trip.

3) Plan for Weekday Attendance

Most tourists and travellers come to Las Vegas on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. These are the days when most people have no work or preparing for time away from work. So naturally, people throughout the country travel to Las Vegas to spend their free time on the weekends because it offers the best getaway options in the world. The only problem is it creates larger crowds of people to clutter the Las Vegas streets, hotels, and shows.

Are you someone who doesn’t like big crowds? If so, you should plan your trip to Las Vegas for weekdays rather than weekends. Perhaps you could come to Las Vegas on a Monday and stay until Thursday or Friday without too many people to slow down the experience.

4) Offseason / No Holidays

Las Vegas enjoys the fewest crowds during the offseason when the holidays and summer are over. In addition to visiting on weekdays, some of the best months of the year to visit Las Vegas are September through November and January through March. These are the times just before or after the holidays when fewer people travel. This creates less demand for show tickets, which means lower ticket prices.

5) Visit the FREE Attractions

Are you travelling to Las Vegas on a tight budget? That’s okay because Las Vegas has numerous free attractions which won’t cost you anything to enjoy. Some of the best free Las Vegas attractions include The Mirage’s Volcano, the Bellagio Fountains, Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, and the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. They offer beautiful free sights you cannot see anywhere else.

6) Take Tours

Las Vegas offers tours within the city and other attractions just outside the city. For instance, how would you like to see the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon during your Vegas trip? You could see them both quickly by taking a helicopter tour from the city to those destinations.

Bus tours within the city will educate you and introduce you to the most memorable streets, hotels, and other destination sites. These tours always travel on Fremont Street, the Las Vegas Strip, and throughout the Downtown area. They are a great way to learn more about the history and present of Las Vegas.

7) Attend Night Shows

Some of the most incredible Las Vegas shows will perform at nighttime. So don’t limit yourself to the afternoon shows only, or you’ll miss out on plenty of great entertainment. Las Vegas shows tonight include All Motown, Australian Bee Gees, Blue Man Group, David Blaine, Mad Apple, Mystere, Tape Face, The Rat Pack Is Back, Wayne Newton, and many others.

8) Plan in Advance

Do you want to reserve seats at a high-class restaurant? Do you want to get show tickets for affordable seats in a desirable seating location in a theatre?

The high demand for restaurant and show reservations means you must schedule your trip months before you plan on arriving. Making your reservations for restaurants and shows in advance will make it easier to secure desirable seating at an affordable price.

Therefore, create a travel itinerary and plan out every stop you want to make throughout the entire trip, such as restaurants, hotels, shows, tour sites, etc. Then you can better plan your budget and trip.

9) Avoid Car Rentals

Car rentals are unnecessary and expensive for Las Vegas travellers. You can see the best places in Las Vegas without a rental car. Besides, most of the traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street is bumper-to-bumper day and night.

The Las Vegas Strip alone has the best hotels, shows, and restaurants in the city, all of which are accessible on foot. And if you want to travel to sites outside the city, take a helicopter tour or bus tour and learn about them. Then you can save money by avoiding daily rental car and insurance fees.

10) Bring Athletic Shoes / Sneakers

Las Vegas is more than a city with large exotic buildings and flashy lights. There are numerous hiking trails, mountains, and desert terrain to explore outside the city.

You could have a complete athletic adventure walking or jogging on any of the dozens of trails. Two of the best are Calico Tank Trail and Ice Box Canyon at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Make sure you wear athletic shoes or sneakers because your feet will be doing a lot of moving, whether you hike on the Las Vegas Strip or the trails of the Red Canyon.


Your Las Vegas trip can be whatever you want it to be. Plan your trip around your budget and interests, and you will have a splendid time in Las Vegas.

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