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Aura Explorers Abusing Girls

Is negative energy preventing you from achieving your goals or passing a test? Do you want to be more attractive and successful? Then perhaps you need your aura cleansed for a fee, of course.

The parapsychology of auras and chakras is hot stuff in Indonesia. For those who subscribe to that which cannot be explained by science, an aura is an electromagnetic energy field or ‘life force’ that surrounds each human. Self-styled ‘natural healers’ claim aura emanates from the body’s chakras – its centres of spiritual power. An aura is generally invisible, except to people who pretend they can see such hokum.

Positive thinking is wonderful. Making a list of goals and visualizing success is great – provided you’re aware that focus and hard work are essential ingredients.

Trouble starts when charlatans claim they can see a negative aura thwarting your success in work, romance or even school.

Child Abuse

When children are raised in superstitious societies that believe in black magic and auras, they become easy prey for scammers and degenerates.

Amrin Supriyanto (58), a dukun (shaman) from Dayu village near Blitar in Central Java, told girls and young women he had the power to cleanse negative auras.

In May of 2016, he met a 17-year-old high school girl seeking supernatural help to pass her exams and find a good boyfriend. Amrin said she was afflicted by a bad aura because she had lost her virginity to her previous boyfriend.

Two days later, the dukun invited the girl to his house for a late-night cleansing ritual. He instructed her to bring special flowers for his magic and a pen to write down a spell. She also brought along two female friends, both aged 15. They were told to stay in the house, while Amrin led the older girl into a nearby forest.

About 300 metres inside the jungle, they reached a huge tree and the ritual began. First, Amrin removed the victim’s clothes ‘to cleanse her’ of impure thoughts and actions. Once naked, she was told to write down and recite a spell. Amrin then had sex with her, saying this was how he can ‘restore’ her virginity. The victim was ordered to go home and continue reciting the mantra whenever naked.

The following day, the two 15-year-olds revisited Amrin’s house and were also taken into the forest and molested. The abuse was uncovered after the parents of one girl discovered her naked and chanting a spell. Tearfully, she recounted what had happened. Amrin was arrested four days later. He denied there was any abuse, insisting the girls had consented to physical contact.

Police said there were other victims, ranging from young schoolgirls to married women, but most were too embarrassed to come forward.

Such cases are not uncommon in Blitar. In late June of 2016, Budi Setyawan alias Wawan (40) was arrested there for molesting and stealing from a 13-year-old girl.

Police said Wawan approached the girl in a park, telling her she had a negative aura caused by witchcraft. He took her to Penataran Hindu temple complex to perform a cleansing ritual. Alone in a quiet area, he molested the girl ‘to release a genie’ from her body. Next, he said her gold necklace was cursed, so she should give it to him.

Wawan was arrested after the girl’s parents went to the police. Under recently amended legislation, penalties for child abuse in Indonesia include a mandatory minimum ten-year jail sentence and the possibility of chemical castration.

Beauty Treatment 

In Sleman, Yogyakarta province, a charlatan named Rahmad Santoso (36) claimed he could ‘open auras and chakras’ to bring beauty and good fortune. Instead, he just enacted his sexual fantasies with gullible women.

His day job involved peddling beauty products, marketed as medicines. When he met young female customers, he boasted of having magical powers to make them more attractive to men.

Any woman who consented to his treatment was taken to a remote beach in Gunung Kidul area.

Rahmad ordered his victims to undress so he could locate their auras. He would then get naked himself and instruct the woman to bend over. He would mount her, mutter incantations and prayers before completing the ritual by ejaculating liberally over her back and buttocks.

He charged Rp.8 million to Rp.100 million for this treatment, depending on the wealth of each customer. Rahmad was arrested in June of 2016 after one woman complained. He confessed to duping at least six women aged between 20 and 28. He said other customers declined the sex ritual, so he sold them invisible genies, ‘magic’ stones and amulets for Rp.5 million apiece.


In Jakarta, a 42-year-old man posed as a young woman on Facebook and befriended dozens of girls aged ten to 15. He claimed they had negative auras that could be cleansed only if they sent him photos of their breasts and genitals.

At least ten girls sent their nude photos. The man threatened to release the images unless the girls engaged in sex chats and sent him nude videos. He met one of the girls for sex on seven occasions before being arrested in September of 2016.

In the North Sumatra capital of Medan, a ‘healer’ extorted at least 20 women after convincing them to send him naked photos of themselves. Yohan (31) trawled for victims on social media and told them they were suffering from a negative aura, which could be removed if they sent him nude selfies. “Nudity makes it easier to see the aura,” he explained.

One of the victims, Yenny (20), said she sent nude photos because Yohan hypnotized her over the phone. He soon threatened to release the photos unless she paid him. Yenny transferred four payments totalling Rp.736,000 before confiding in her brother, who caught Yohan and handed him to police. An investigation revealed he had victims from Sumatra, Kalimantan and Jakarta.

Rice Cure

In Riau province, a conman named Arman (32) claimed he could diagnose diseases by looking at people’s auras. If they wanted to get better, they had to give him money, supposedly for charitable purposes.

In July of 2016, Anton Wijaya (23) brought his ailing parents to Arman for treatment. The healer said dark auras were causing their sickness, and the only cure was to donate sacks of rice to the poor. But he insisted on receiving money, rather than rice.

The ritual was repeated over three months but Anton’s parents did not get better. Having given the ‘healer’ a total of Rp.70 million, Anton became suspicious and discovered no rice had been purchased. Police arrested Arman in October of 2016. He confessed to his crime but maintained he could see auras.

If you are suffering at work, from a disease or having no luck in romance, a positive outlook is crucial for any remedy. Never trust anyone who claims they can see a bad aura in you hold you back from doing the most practical solution of seeking the advice of a professional instead.


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