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Wiranto’s Attacker and ‘Jack Sparrow’ Jailed for Terrorism

Wiranto’s Attacker and ‘Jack Sparrow’ Jailed for Terrorism

An Islamic extremist who stabbed former chief security minister Wiranto has been sentenced to 12 years in jail, while his wife has received a nine-year sentence for stabbing a policeman. Their accomplice, who uses the alias Jack Sparrow, was also jailed in connection with the attack.

Wiranto’s assailant, Syahrial Alamsyah alias Abu Rara, and the latter’s wife, Fitri Diana, were convicted of terrorism by West Jakarta District Court on Thursday.

Prosecutors had sought heavier sentences of 16 years for Abu Rara and 13 years for Fitri.

Wiranto was attacked on October 10, 2019, when he was still serving as coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs. The incident took place outside Saketi, a small town near Pandeglang in Banten province, southwest of Jakarta.

Abu Rara stabbed Wiranto in the abdomen, while Fitri stabbed local police chief Dariyanto in the back. Wiranto’s aide, Fuad Syauqi, sustained a chest wound during the incident.

Both Abu Rara and Fitri were apprehended at the scene. Abu Rara denied being part of a terror cell, saying he was inspired by Islamic teachings to carry out an amaliyah (operation) because he had been placed on a police watch list.

Some conservative Muslim politicians, such as Hanum Rais, the daughter of Muslim leader Amien Rais, falsely claimed the attack was staged by Wiranto to discredit Islam.

Wiranto recovered from the attack following surgery but lost his cabinet position after President Joko Widodo was sworn in for a second term in October. In December, Wiranto was appointed chief of the Presidential Advisory Council.

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Also sentenced during the same trial on Thursday was Abu Rara’s accomplice Samsuddin alias Jack Sparrow, who was given five years in jail because he recommended the attack and had done nothing to prevent it. The court also heard that Jack Sparrow and Abu Rara had robbed a gold shop in 2017 for terrorist purposes. Prosecutors said both men had pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2019.

The trio had gone on trial in April. For most sessions, they appeared via video link because of coronavirus social distancing measures. Abu Rara’s lawyer said they would not appeal the sentences. Judges noted that Abu Rara and Fitri did not regret their actions and did not support the government’s anti-terrorism program.

Presiding judge Masrizal said Wiranto was entitled to receive state compensation Rp37 million (US$2,595) for the stabbing, while his aide, Fuad, was entitled to Rp28 million.

There have been numerous terror attacks against police and security officials in Indonesia in recent years. Most recently, on June 21, a suspected terrorist was shot dead after using a machete to attack a deputy police chief and his driver in Central Java province. On June 1, a suspected terrorist used a sword to kill police brigadier Leonardo Latupapua in South Kalimantan province.

Sources: Banten and Wartaekonomi

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