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Ubud Food Festival Returns

Ubud Food Festival
Ubud Food Festival Returns. Photo @ubudfoodfest

The international culinary event, Ubud Food Festival (UFF), in Bali will be held again on 24-26th June 2022 after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several international chefs will be present during the sixth Ubud Food Festival. 

“We are delighted to welcome more chefs and culinary personalities to Ubud, including Nyesha Arrington, Diana Beltran, and Tamara Chevez along with Indonesian chefs and culinary personalities Fernando Sindu, Pande Egi, Vivilya Millian, and many more,” said Janet DeNeefe, founder and director of UFF in a release on Wednesday 8th June 2022. 

This year’s Ubud Food Festival carries the theme “Heroes“, the same theme as the delayed UFF 2020.

With the Heroes theme, we want you to meet Indonesian culinary heroes, mothers and fathers who cook recipes inherited from their families at home,said DeNeefe.

The festival, which will be held over three days, will feature more than 70 events. Most of the culinary figures and chefs at the festival are also said to be participating in the Food for Thought programme, a discussion session that will discuss culinary issues in society, the environment, and the dining table. 

Film screenings are also part of the festival programme, one of which is Lingsir Wengi from Indonesian director Hanung Bramantyo. The film involves renowned chefs, musicians, dancers, and designers. 

Since the Ubud Food Festival was first launched in 2015, the purpose has remained the same, which is to create a global hub for the culinary community to connect and develop skills, bringing Indonesian food to the world, while supporting local businesses that are part of the Indonesian archipelago tourism industry.

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