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Sri Lanka Crisis: Concerning Indonesian Citizen Condition

Sri Lanka Crisis
Sri Lanka Crisis: Concerning Indonesian Citizen Condition. Photo Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing massive demonstrations due to its financial and economic crisis.

Massive demonstrations have been taking place across the country including the capital, Colombo.

The condition of hundreds of Indonesian citizens residing in Sri Lanka is also a concern. The latest reports state that they are safe and fine. The Indonesian Embassy in Sri Lanka has also distributed logistical assistance to Indonesian citizens most affected by the crisis

The Indonesian Embassy in Colombo noted that there are 340 Indonesian citizens living in Sri Lanka. All of them are in good condition and the Indonesian Embassy is monitoring their condition,said the Director of Protection for Indonesian Citizens and Indonesian legal entities Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Judha Nugraha via text message on Monday night. 

“There is no information about Indonesian citizens who were involved or injured in the demonstration,” he added.

Massive demonstrations took place on 9th July 2022 in Sri Lanka demanding the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Mass protesters even occupied the Presidential Palace, the official residence of the Prime Minister, and took control of the Presidential Secretariat Office located in the area of Galle Face Green.

Responding to the recent situation in Sri Lanka, the Indonesian Embassy in Colombo appealed to Indonesian citizens to limit travel outside their homes during demonstrations except for essential matters and avoid crowds and areas where demonstrations are concentrated.

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