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Romanian Held in Criminal Skimming in Gianyar

Romanian Held in Criminal Skimming in Gianyar

Bali police investigators have arrested a foreign citizen from Romania and handed him over to the Denpasar District Prosecutor’s Office for offences related to card skimming.

The Romanian citizen was arrested by the Bali police after conducting suspicious activity at the Bank Mandiri ATM located on Jalan Raya Tegalalang, Gianyar, Bali.

“The suspect’s name is Olar Madalin, who has been and received by us. The transfer was made via teleconference,” said Head of Denpasar’ Criminal Investigation Section (Kasi Pidum), I Wayan Eka Widanta.

The defendant has been detained by the prosecutor for the next 20 days. For now, the suspect is being held at the Bali Regional Police. “After the indictment is complete, we will immediately hand over the suspect to court to continue to trial,” Eka Widanta explained.

Regarding the indictment, the suspect was charged with deliberate and unlawful crime of unlawfully accessing another person’s computer and/or electronic system. The actions of the suspect fall under Article 30 and Article 46 of the Republic of Indonesia Act No. 19 of 2016 concerning amendments to the Republic of Indonesia Act No.11 of 2008 about Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE).

It was revealed in the case file that there was information from the public stating suspicious activities carried out by foreigners at the Bank Mandiri ATM machine on Jalan Raya Tegalalang, Gianyar.

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After receiving the report, Bank Mandiri then contacted the vendor. On Friday 10th April, the vendor monitored the ATM and there were suspicious foreigners in the ATM booth. Once the suspect left, CCTV footage was checked in which the suspect was seen installing equipment; a  skimmer and hidden camera.

Upon checking the ATM machine, it was revealed that a hidden camera had been installed by the suspect above the PIN cover while the skimmer was installed on the machine where the ATM card is inserted.

At 3pm West Indonesia Time, further monitoring was carried out again and the suspect returned. When the suspect left, the machine was immediately secured and skimming kit identified.

The crime was then reported to the police at the Sub Directorate of Ditreskrimsus Bali Police. Not long after, police officers arrested the suspect and proceeded with a search at the suspect’s place to stay. Police found a number of related electronic equipment and therefore the suspect, along with the evidence, was taken to the Bali Police Ditreskrimsus.

Source: Tribun News Bali

Image: Kabar 24

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