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Dutch Woman Selling Mie Ayam in Jogja

Charlotte Peeters
Dutch Woman Selling Mie Ayam in Jogja

A foreigner has been spotted selling mie ayam, or chicken noodles, in Yogyakarta.

Bakso Mie Ayam Telolet is located on Jalan Moses Gatot Kaca Ruko B21, Mrican, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman. The stall is not too spacious, with several tables and chairs that are neatly arranged.

Her name is Charlotte Peeters, a Dutch citizen who was born in March 1983. Charlotte is very hospitable, welcoming every customer to the shop.

Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, she offers a drink as a thirst quencher in a fairly hot afternoon.

“Previously, we [Charlotte and her husband] had a business in the tourism sector, until now it is still struggling.

Well, this shop was used as a place to stay for employees first. However, because now the business isn’t running, we thought of another way to look for income,” said Charlotte at her shop.

She admitted that for a long time, she had the desire to open a food shop. Incidentally, her husband likes to eat meatballs, and he himself likes chicken noodles, so the combination is serendipitous.

From there, the courage to open this chicken and meatball noodle shop came to realisation on 17th August 2020.

“The initial price used to be only Rp5,000 for one portion, but in the last 1.5 months of operation, we’ve started to increase the price to starting from Rp7,000 for a portion of chicken noodles. Apart from chicken noodles, there are meatballs, which can also be mixed. In the last month, there have been miyago or fried chicken noodles without sauce and seasonings, which is different from regular chicken noodles,” she explained.

Regarding the price, which is quite affordable for the public, Charlotte said it was part of her own challenge because the most important thing is to serve food at low prices that everyone can enjoy.

Behind the cheap price belies truly tasty food. This means that the taste must remain delicious to create a memorable experience for customers.

“We feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also one of the reasons for choosing chicken noodles and meatballs because if we choose other foods, we can’t necessarily provide cheap prices,” he said.

Charlotte noted that her chicken noodles have an authentic Indonesian flavour, without any Dutch touches.

She also admitted, together with her team who works at the shop, they are still learning how to make chicken noodles according to their taste. Charlotte especially often oversees the chef to learn more.

Image credits Nesiatimes 

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