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Robbed and Stabbed, Cab Driver Runs After Perpetrators


After being robbed and stabbed by his perpetrators around 1 a.m. on Monday, December 12, M. Rokhim gathered all the energy he could, took the driver’s seat, ran after his perpetrators and knocked them off their bikes, where one was grabbed by those who witnessed the crime.

At around 1 a.m. on Monday, December 12, two robbers approached the cab of 27-year-old M Rokhim and knocked on his window; Rokhim’s taxi was parked on Jl Raya Adyaksa in Cilandak, South Jakarta, because he was sleeping.

While Jakarta is considered relatively safe in terms of the ratio between its size and the rate of violent crimes reported, its streets remain vulnerable to dangerous criminals roaming and preying on innocent people for the sake of finding easy money. It’s no surprise that taxi drivers are the most popular targets for these lowlifes as they are always presumed to be lugging money in their vehicles from their day’s work.

And on Monday, December 12, M Rokhim was targeted by two of these robbers in Cilandak, South Jakarta. At around 1 a.m., Rokhim was roused from his sleep when he heard a loud knock on the window of the cab where he was sleeping in.

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Thinking that the suspects were passengers, the cab driver opened the window, giving the robbers the chance to get into the car and immediately stabbed Rokhim in his chest with sickles.

Cilandak Police Commissioner Sujanto told reporters about the incident according to Rokhim’s narration.

When the perpetrators got in the taxi, they ordered the driver to move to the passenger seat and warned him to stay inside the car, threatening him that he will be shot by their accomplices waiting for their signal outside if he attempted to get out. Then they proceeded to attack the 27-year-old driver many more times. The robbers then fled the scene, taking with them the driver’s mobile phone, his driver’s license, and all of his money.

Determined to stop his perpetrators and not let them get away with their crime, Rokhim mustered all the energy he could, moved back into the driver’s seat, and started to drive and catch up with the suspect.

After catching up with the suspects, Rokhim knocked them off their motorcycles where they ended up crashing into the side of a house. One of the thieves managed to run away after the crash, but the other was immediately swarmed over and grabbed by locals who witnessed the incident.

The captured suspect—who was found with Rokhim’s money and the sickle used to attack him—was brought to Cilandak police and put under their custody. Authorities are still on the hunt for the other robber.  

Rokhim is currently being treated in Fatmawati Hospital for the stab wounds on his chest and the other injuries to his hand and face that he obtained from the perpetrators.

Image credit: ABCNet

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