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Foreigners With Painted Face Masks Apologise

painted face masks
Foreigners With Painted Face Masks Apologise - source instagram

A Taiwanese citizen named Lin Chi Chen, also known as Joshua, 32, and a Russian citizen named Leia Se, 25, painted face masks on their faces to trick security guards at a supermarket in Tibubeneng Village, North Kuta, Bali have both apologised.

According to Joshua’s Instagram account, @joshpalerlin, he has apologised for his actions and promised not to repeat the stunt.

He did not expect the content to get a negative response from Indonesian netizens. “The video was made in no way to disrespect or encourage others not to wear masks. I was just trying to entertain because I myself am a content creator where my job is to entertain people,” he said.

Joshua also stated that he’s ready to face the legal process that Indonesia has launched in relations to his content.

In the video recorded in mid-April 2021, at first, the security guard did not allow the duo to enter the supermarket because Leia didn’t have a mask on. The security guard requested that the pair wear masks.

Next, the duo got into a car, where Joshua then painted a mask on Leia’s face. They then returned to the supermarket and managed to pass by the security guard. Based on the information collected by Bali’s Municipal Police, the two also claimed to make content using bras and socks as masks at the same location.

“The first content was produced in January 2021 using a bra as a mask, the second was in early April using socks as a mask, and the third was painting a face to resemble a mask in the second week of April,” said Head of Bali Municipal Police, Dewa Darmadi.

Dewa said that the two foreigners deliberately took the odd actions for Joshua’s Facebook content because he’s a content creator. According to them, the eccentric content would be entertaining for the public.

The three content pieces have since been removed due to them being ridiculed by netizens on social media. Finally, the Municipal Police issued a letter of recommendation to deport the two of them.

They violated the Bali Governor Regulation No. 10 of 2021 concerning the implementation of discipline and law enforcement of health protocols as efforts to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 in the new era of life.

Immigration Check Point Ngurah Rai Class I Immigration Record states that Joshua entered Indonesia via Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on 21st December 2020. Leia was recorded as having entered Indonesia through I Gusti I Ngurah Rai Airport on 1st March 2021. They went to Bali for a vacation.

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