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Rare Durian On Sale for Rp14 million Goes Viral

j queen durian

A rare variety of durian is being sold for Rp14 million each at a shopping mall in the city of Tasikmalaya.

The supermarket managed to sell two of the fruits, named J-Queen, the day it went on sale despite its steep price tag, according to the news website

This has made the fruit the talk of the town in Tasikmalaya, where the minimum wage is Rp2 million per month. Visitors to the mall took turns taking selfies with the fruit, according to local media.


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@realplazaasiatasik Durian J-QUEEN harga 14 juta per butir.. Asli bukan Hoax ya ? Sudah masuk berita di koran RADAR TASIKMALAYA. Durian J-Queen ini asli lokal dari Banyumas Indonesia ? Dari info yg saya dapat dari owner & petani durian ini (Pak Aka), yg bikin harga durian ini mahal : – Pemenang kontes durian di Penang, Malaysia.. – Berbuah nya hanya 3 tahun sekali dan sedikit.. – Membudidayakan pohon nya sulit sekali.. – Rasa manis nya juara dan wangi nya mengalahkan durian lain. #durian #pestadurian #duren #pestaduren #duren14juta #durian14juta #foodhunter #culinary #tasikculinary #kulinertasik #makanantasik #jajanantasik #wisatakuliner #instafood #kuliner #jajanan #makan

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“I’d rather buy a motorcycle and I can use it for 10 years,” said a Twitter user who goes by the name R. Balqis.

Mr Aka, who discovered the version of the King of Fruits, said it has a unique taste akin to peanut butter and is round in shape, unlike the regular durian, which is usually oblong.

The 32-year-old psychology graduate said J-Queen’s uniqueness results from the cross-breeding of two superior durian varieties in Indonesia.

“I’m the only one who owns the trees, and the saplings are not for sale,” Mr Aka was quoted as saying by

He also claimed that J-Queen could only be harvested every three years, with each tree only having 20 durians at most.

A durian farmer in the central Java district of Kendal said he had never heard of J-Queen. “The most expensive variety is Kumbokarno, which sells for 15,000 to 200,000 rupiah,” He said.

Source: Straits Times

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