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PeduliLindungi Down, Now Back to Normal


The PeduliLindungi application was down on Wednesday 14th September 2022 morning but is now back to normal, according to the Expert Staff of the Health Minister’s Technology field, Setiaji.

“Currently, PeduliLindungi’s mobile and web applications can be accessed again at 9:30am WIB,” announced the Health Ministry on its official Instagram account.

Furthermore, PeduliLindungi users are being encouraged to update the application to the latest version,

Make sure to update PeduliLindungi to the latest version for a better experience and experience the best features,” the Instagram story wrote.

The Head of the Communications and Public Service Bureau of the Health Ministry of Siti Nadia Tarmizi said the technical difficulties experienced by users of PeduliLindungi were due to maintenance activities.

Tarmizi went on to say that there were now no significant obstacles that caused the application to not be able to be used.

There are no (technical problems). (Only) routine maintenance. But actually, it was finished last night, but the technicians still haven’t finished the maintenance process,explained Tarmizi.

Users complained that they could not open the application, were stuck on the application’s initial screen, were unable to log in, and even found themselves logged out.

The PeduliLindungi application is an application owned by the Health Ministry that must be used by the public for tracing and check-in needs in various public places during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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