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Orangutan Wears a Tourist’s Sunglasses


A video has gone viral on social media, showing an orangutan wearing a tourist’s sunglasses that were accidentally dropped into her enclosure.

The video was shared on TikTok by a tourist named Olita Tetsu, who wore glasses while visiting the safari park in Bogor.

Olita said she accidentally dropped her shades in the orangutan enclosure. However, what happened next was unexpectedly cute, cool, and hilarious.

“I was bending over to look at some orangutans at the bottom of the cage when my sunglasses fell off my head,” Olita told Newsflare.

“After a few minutes, one of the orangutans came and took my sunglasses, then put them on and posed for the camera!”

The video was posted on Sunday 1st August via her TikTok account, @minorcrimes. Even though it’s only been online less than a week, her video has already been watched about 37 million times and liked by more than 9 million users.

The post is captioned, “So I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story.” The story goes that after she dropped the sunnies, the mother orangutan, who was holding her baby, suddenly approached her sunglasses and took them.

“Oh no, don’t eat it,” said Olita, whose voice was recorded in the video.

At that time, she was panicking because the orangutan had started playing with her sunglasses. Instead of getting eaten or damaged, the orangutan just wore them as a human would.

Many TikTok users responded to this adorable video with amazing comments about how the orangutan could immediately know the function of the glasses, even being seen to wave her hand in front of her face whilst wearing them.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, orangutans share 96.4 percent of their DNA with humans; it’s no surprise they can quickly imitate human behaviours.

Previously, there was also an orangutan named Rocky who could imitate human speech. He was the first orangutan to do so, back in 2016.

Watch the stylish orangutan here:

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