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Miss Global Estonia Hunted by Police After Calling Bali Police Corrupt

bali police corrupt
Miss Global Estonia 2022. source

The Bali Police are seeking the whereabouts of a female foreigner named Valeria Vasilieva, who allegedly called the police in Bali corrupt in a viral social media video.

The woman, also known as Miss Global Estonia 2022, stated in a video uploaded to her TikTok account, @lerusi_k, that the police in Bali are corrupt because they always ask tourists for money. The video is believed to have been made during Vasilieva’s vacation on the Island of the Gods.

Bali Police Head of Public Relations Police Chief Commissioner Syamsi said the Bali Police are still looking for Vasilieva, who is most likely still in Bali.

The team from the Special Crimes Committee is still looking for the whereabouts of the person concerned. They want clarification first,said Syamsi on Thursday 19th May 2022.

He said that, although Vasilieva had apologized on social media for her post, the police needed to summon her for questioning whether or not her statement on social media was true.

However, police have not confirmed Vasilieva is from Estonia despite her social media, said Syamsi, states she’s from Estonia. Certainty will only be obtained if she is successfully found to give a statement. 

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bali Law and Human Rights Ministry Anggiat Napitupulu said that the Vasilieva case is fully under the police’s authority.


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