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Immigration Operations Caught Thai and Moroccan Overstay

immigration operations
Immigration Operations Caught Thai and Moroccan Overstay

Immigration Class I Special Non-TPI South Jakarta has detained two foreigners, from Thailand and Morocco with the initials PS and KA, for committing immigration violations.

Head of the Immigration Division of the DKI Jakarta Law and Human Rights Ministry Regional Office, Saffar Muhammad Godam, said that the two were arrested by officers of the Intelligence and Immigration Enforcement Division of the Immigration Class I Special Immigration Office for South Jakarta Non-TPI in a boarding house in the South Jakarta area.

The two foreigners, who were suspected of violating article 119 paragraph 1 and article 122 letter a of law number 6 year 2011 concerning immigration, were secured when officers carried out routine operations regarding foreigners.

Head of the Immigration Office for Class I Special for Non-TPI South Jakarta, Muhammad Tito Andrianto added that both of them were arrested because they had violated the immigration residence permit or overstay. PS’s residence permit had been valid until 18th August 2020, while KA’s residence permit was valid until 5th November 2020.

“These two foreigners have used passports that have expired and stayed in the same boarding house despite being unmarried. They didn’t carry out their residence permits’ extension for reasons of cost, however, they should still have reported to the immigration office,” he said.

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