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Immigration Office Awaits Approval to Track Foreigners

Immigration Office Awaits Approval to Track Foreigners

The Immigration Directorate General, Jhoni Ginting, is awaiting approval from President Joko Widodo to set in motion a surveillance system to track foreigners coming into Indonesia.

In a hearing with the House of Representatives Commission (DPR) on Tuesday 14th July, Jhoni Ginting disclosed that Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is developing a surveillance system to track foreigners travelling to Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was revealed that the system is being developed through the Quick Response (QR) application.

“We are proposing a presidential regulation on the use of QR codes so that all relevant parties can monitor foreigners,”

stated Ronny Franky Sompie, the Immigration Director General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

The surveillance system will use a QR code that will be attached to passports or visas and will track the movement of foreigners. It will detect their movement through transactions in public facilities including restaurants, hotels and ticket purchases for public transportation.

The tracker programme will also be provided to public service officers who will further monitor foreigners and coordinate with immigration authorities.

The immigration office has been communicating with ministries and other authorities such as the Attorney General’s office to ensure that the development of the system is effective.

Confirmation of the new tracking process is expected soon.

Source: Ministry of Law and Human Rights Directorate General of Immigration and The Jakarta Post

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