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Update: Immigration Stay Permits During the New Normal

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Immigration: Foreigners Lose Passport to Avoid Deportation

The Directorate General of Immigration Jhoni Ginting has signed a new circular letter under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights circular letter No. IMI-GR.01.01-1102 year 2020 on immigration services during the new normal period, effectively starting on 13 July 2020 until further notice.

The letter currently in circulation isn’t stamped and hasn’t yet appeared on any official channels, either on the immigration website or on official social media accounts. All details here are in draft form and are subject to change until released through or other government sources.

The letter explains that to aid the adjustment to the new normal, some adjustments to stay permit services for foreigners to support the sustainability of the country’s economic and welfare communities are being made.

Emergency stay permits (ITKT) had been granted to any foreigner who had been in the country on 1st January 2020 or who arrived after that date. The stay permit was introduced as a response to the coronavirus pandemic to confirm the rights and obligations of those staying in Indonesia.

Due to flight route closures and limited airline operations, plus the difficulty for some governments to gain flight approval for leasing/charter flights, a soft immigration policy was introduced.

Therefore, this circular letter applies to stay permit holders currently abroad and emergency stay permit holders in Indonesia.

Foreigners with Stay Permits Abroad Who are Currently Overseas

Expired permanent stay permit (ITAP) and temporary stay permit (ITAS) holders who are currently out of the country should return to Indonesia as soon as possible. Those who have already obtained an approval letter from the Ministry of Manpower and/or BKPM and want to return for the purpose of family reunions will need to return to Indonesia to extend their stay permits at a local immigration office within 60 calendar days from 13th July. Those who don’t do so within this timeline will be required to apply for a new visa before they re-enter Indonesia.

Foreigners with Stay Permits in Indonesia

Meanwhile, foreigners still staying in Indonesia and holding a valid visitor stay permit (ITK), ITAS, and ITAP are now able to renew their stay permits at local immigration offices. Moreover, ITK and ITAS holders who already have a telex notification and are in Indonesia can process their new stay permits at a local immigration office without having to exit Indonesia, as long as they have a proof payment ready.

The emergency stay permit (ITKT) will be revoked. Those who had been granted the emergency permit but still cannot return to their home country may request a stay permit extension within 30 days from 13th July, which will be valid until the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia is declared over. Foreigners can also apply for a change of status from emergency stay permit to ITAS under the new regulations once they have had an extension granted.

ITAS and ITAP holders who had received the automatic emergency stay permit will need to renew their ITAS at a local immigration office within 30 days of the letter being released. If an extension isn’t possible, then they must leave Indonesia within 30 days.

Furthermore, visa on arrival holders who paid for the 60 days visa at arrival and had been granted a emergency stay permit may also request a visa extension within 30 days. However, visit free visa holders who had received an emergency stay permit are required to leave Indonesia within 30 days of 13th July and no extensions are available.

Foreigners who don’t abide by the rules of these extensions will have penalties imposed.

Source: Ministry of Law and Human Rights Directorate General of Immigration SE DIRJENIM LAYANAN IZIN TINGGAL KEIMIGRASIAN DALAM TATANAN KENORMALAN BARU (2)

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