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East Jakarta Offering Free Cat Neutering to Control Cat Population


The East Jakarta Food Security, Marine and Agriculture Agency is offering a free cat neutering service as the area’s cat population continues to spiral out of control, prompting worries over their effects on the local environment.

“The cat population is concentrated in East Jakarta and South Jakarta,” the agency head Irma Budiany said on Wednesday, reported.

She said that up to 137 male cats had been castrated in 10 districts in East Jakarta during an event at Duren Sawit district office hall. A similar event was held in May, at which 95 cats were neutered.

The agency had enlisted 15 veterinarians from an Animal Welfare Body to castrate the cats, she added.

Meanwhile, local residents have taken advantage of the offer to have their cats neutered for free. Yuyun, a local resident, had her 10 cats neutered.

Sony, a resident of Jatinegara, neutered his five cats at the event. He said that he expected pet owners to help the government reduce the cat population.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: Holiztic Vet

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