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Foreigners Ignoring NYE Health Protocols to be Deported

Foreigners deported
Foreigners Ignoring NYE Health Protocols to be Deported

Foreigners who hold a 2022 New Year party without health protocols being followed will be expelled from Indonesia. 

“Foreign citizens, they have to follow health protocols. If we have warned them and they still violate the rules, we will have them deported,” said Head of the Bali Law and Human Rights Office Jamaruli Manihuruk on Thursday 30th December.

He explained that immigration has prepared a surveillance operation for foreigners holding parties at the turn of the year. However, the location of the operation is being kept secret because it is feared that it will leak.

If violations of health protocols are found when holding a party, people will be arrested and processed for deportation.

Manihuruk said that foreigners can hold a New Year’s party as long as they follow the rules set by the government, especially regarding the implementation time and the health protocols that must be followed.

Currently, there are still around 112,000 foreigners living in Bali from the initial number of 130,000 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They mostly come from Europe, America, and parts of Australia.

Throughout 2021, it was recorded that 194 foreigners were deported from Bali due to various violations, such as the expiration of their residence permits or for committing crimes.

“Seven foreigners were deported because they were proven to have violated the health protocols,” Manihuruk noted.

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