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Top Items to Carry in Your COVID-19 ?Ready Bag

Top Items to Carry in Your COVID-19 ?Ready Bag?

Travels to get essentials and, in some cases, to work have been carried out by many of us throughout the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) period in Indonesia.

The government is steadily loosening up the provisions, and that means we will resume our pre-pandemic lifestyles – with a twist of great fear. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to carry a bag, this is time to do so. Several items are necessary to bring wherever we go. Here are the top five items to carry in your COVID-19 “ready bag”.

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer
Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitiser

Ideally, washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water is much more effective to kill bacteria on your hands. But living in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, halts you on the road for hours and hours. Hand sanitisers come handy for everyone having to be on the go soon. Get yourself some hand sanitisers with at least 60 percent alcohol. By keeping your personal hygiene habits at bay, you’ll have fewer chances of catching a viral infection.

China Pocket Tissue Style and 3 Ply Layer Mini Tissue - China ...

Pocket Tissue

Have a small pack of tissues in your bag to practice good respiratory hygiene and keep others around you healthy too. Even if you don’t need it, others around you might do.

Alcohol Detergent Wipes 20 Packs Antibacterial Wipes Large Wet ...

Antibacterial Wipes with Alcohol

Are you planning to board a plane, train, bus or boat to travel during this pandemic? Are you getting ready to start your first day back in the office?  Wiping down your personal area using antibacterial wipes with alcohol is a good idea. It sanitises your space for your usage and reduces the risks of spreading COVID-19.

Best Materials for Homemade Coronavirus Face Masks – Performance ...

Face Mask

Wearing face masks whether it’s surgical or cloth-based is highly encouraged by the Indonesian government whenever you go outdoors. In fact, it’s considered mandatory to wear a face mask. And any violaters specifically in Jakarta will get fined for Rp250,000. Thus, besides donning a face mask, you should keep another set in your bag because you never know what could happen to the one you currently wear.

Reusable Bottle - Pastel Green - Chiltern Society

Reusable Bottles and Containers

In light of going green and reducing plastic waste, bringing reusable water bottles and even food containers can help you stay clear off COVID-19. These reusable items are safe given these items would be properly washed with home and commercial dishwashing soap and water. It’s impossible to know who has touched single-use packaging products before any purchases are made, the virus can likely be spread via the surfaces of the packaging.

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