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COVID-19 Task Force Explains Why Indonesia isn?t on Lockdown

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Why Indonesia isn’t on Lockdown?

Several groups have urged the Indonesian government to implement a lockdown in Indonesia to reduce COVID-19 cases. However, the government has so far declined to take this step.

Head of the Public Communications Division of the COVID-19 Task Force Hery Trianto explained that the substance of the implementation of micro-community activity restrictions, or PPKM, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that are currently in place, is the same as a lockdown.

“Don’t confuse the lockdown policy with restrictions on community activities. The substance is the same, limiting people’s mobility to suppress the rate of transmission,” said Hery.

The government has extended micro PPKM through 15-28th June 2021, following the policy of the Home Affairs Minister instruction number 13 of 2021. This rule explains the limitations of micro-based community activities and increases the ability of COVID-19 handling posts in villages and sub-districts to control the spread of COVID-19.

Micro PPKM limits activities in the workplace or office, governs teaching and learning activities, regulates the implementation of restrictions on restaurant and shopping centre activities, and regulates activities in places of worship, public facilities, and arts, social and cultural activities.

Hery continued that the officers in the field are tightening the implementation of micro PPKM through judicial operations. These involve the Indonesian military and national police who monitor activities and discipline people who do not comply with health protocols.

“The goal is to reduce mobility so that more people stay at home because of the human transmission factor. If human activities are reduced, it’ll suppress transmission,” he said.

Hery emphasised that micro PPKM is quite effective in suppressing the rate of transmission. Recently, positive cases have increased for several reasons, such as people not obeying the travel ban during the Eid holidays.

According to Hery, the government has tried to prevent people from travelling and going home, but many chose not to follow the government’s advice. Another cause is a new variant of COVID-19 which is thought to have accelerated transmission.

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