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Micro PPKM Rules for 15-28th June

rules ppkm
Micro PPKM Rules for 15-28th June. source biro pers sekretariat presiden

Micro PPKM Rules

The government has again implemented micro-community activity restrictions, or PPKM, between 15-28th June.

The policy is contained in the instruction of the Home Affairs Minister number 13 of 2021, in which the government tightens a number of restrictions on activities in specified regencies and cities. Some of the new rules include working from home (WFH) increased to 75 percent, a continuation of studying from home, and an appeal not to worship in public places.

Restrictions are distinguished based on the zoning of each area, namely red, orange, yellow, and green. The following are guidelines regarding the new micro PPKM rules that take effect between 15-28 June.

WFH 75 percent

The government tightens activities in offices by requiring 75 percent of employees to work from home. Previously, companies were only required to apply 50 percent WFH. The 75 percent WFH rule applies in red zone areas. Meanwhile, offices in yellow and orange zones can continue at 50 percent WFH. The government provides three conditions for offices that carry out on-site working. Companies are required to tighten health protocols, arrange alternate working hours, and ensure employees who are working from home do not go to other areas.

Online School

The instruction also regulates the issue of restrictions in the field of education. “Regencies or cities that are in the red zone must carry out online teaching and learning activities,” reads the ninth dictum of the Home Affairs Minister letter number 13 of 2021. The government allows schools in yellow and green zones to conduct face-to-face learning (PTM). Schools are asked to refer to technical regulations from the Education, Culture, Research and Technology Ministry.

Worship from Home

The government limits the number of worshipers in places of worship. In areas other than red zones, places of worship can only reach 50 percent of the congregation capacity. Stricter rules are applied in places of worship in red zone areas. The government has urged religious people to worship from home until at least 28th June. “Regencies or cities in the red zone are strictly limited and must further optimise the implementation of worship at home and implement more stringent health protocols,” the instruction says.

No Travel

The government prohibits residents in red and orange zones from going to tourist attractions. This rule is stated in the thirteenth dictum, point five of the Home Affairs Ministry letter number 13 of 2021. “Community activities in public facilities, tourist spots, and parks are prohibited and further arrangements are left to the regional government in coordination with the Regional COVID-19 Handling Task Force,” the instruction reads.

Tourist activities can be carried out in other zones. However, the government requires GeNose or antigen tests in “enclosed” tourist attractions. The government will enforce the rules with sanctions. The ministry also authorises law enforcement officials to close tourist attractions that violate health protocols.

Want to know which zone your area is in? Here’s the official government source:

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