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BPJS Health Card Required for Managing SIM, STNK and More

BPJS Health

Anyone who wants to get a driver’s license (SIM), vehicle number certificate (STNK), perform Hajj or Umrah, and even buy and sell land must have a BPJS Health card as one of the requirements.

This is stated in Presidential Instruction number 1 of 2022 concerning optimising the implementation of the national health insurance program.

The president, through an instruction issued on 6th January 2022, asked the Head of the Indonesian National Police to refine regulations for applicants for driver’s licenses, vehicle number certificates, and police records certificates (SKCK) to include the requirements for a BPJS health card.

“There will be improved regulations to ensure that applicants for SIM, STNK, and SKCK are active participants in the National Health Insurance (JKN) programme,” the Presidential Instruction wrote.

The president also instructed the Religion Minister to make BPJS Health a condition for prospective Umrah and Hajj pilgrims. The ministry has also been asked to ensure that businesses and workers of Umrah travel organisers and special Hajj organisers become active participants in the JKN program.

This also applies to students, educators, and education staff in both formal and non-formal education units within the Religion Ministry.

In addition, the Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency Ministry has also announced that the BPJS Health card will be a condition for buying and selling land as of 1st March, stated in the letter numbered HR.02/164-400/II/2022 signed by the Director-General of Determination of Rights and Land Registration, Suyus Windayana.

In the letter, the applicant for the transfer of land rights or Ownership Rights to Flat Units due to buying and selling must include a photocopy of the BPJS Health Participant Card. Furthermore, the letter explained that the national health insurance program is mandatory and is part of the national social security system which is implemented with the social health insurance mechanism.

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