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Immigration Updates New Normal Stay Permits

Immigration Updates New Normal Stay PermitsOn 13th July 2020, the Directorate General of Immigration, Jhoni Ginting

On 13th July 2020, the Directorate General of Immigration, Jhoni Ginting, issued a circular letter to adjust arrangements of emergency stay permits foreigners in the new normal era in Indonesia.

An updated version of Circular Letter of the Director-General of Immigration Number: IMI-GR.01.01-1102 of 2020 concerning Immigration stay permit services has now been released.

This letter once again isn’t stamped and hasn’t yet appeared on any official channels, either on the immigration website or on official social media accounts. All details here are in draft form and are subject to change until released through or other government sources.

Previously, the emergency stay permit had been revoked and ITAS, ITAP, and ITK holders were able to renew their stay permits within 30 days from 13th July. This updated circular letter contains more details for ITKT, visa-fee or BVK, Crew Visit, and Telex Visa holders.

Emergency Stay Visa (ITK) holder status

Visit Stay Permit (ITK) holders who were granted the emergency stay permit can extend their residence permit based on their previous ITK while the COVID-19 pandemic period is still in force and there is no means of transportation to leave Indonesia. These ITK holders include those who hold from Multiple Visit Visas (VKBP D212-Business Visa) and Foreigners who hold APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC), with a validity period of each extension being 30 days.

ITK and VKBP D212 holders who have extended their residence permit can apply for an ITAS after fulfilling the requirements in accordance with applicable regulations on the condition of having an adequate sponsor, such as spouse ITAS, working ITAS, investor ITAS, or retirement ITAS. These people must apply for a telex for ITAS. A working ITAS must have a working permit issued by the Manpower Ministry, after getting a letter of support from BKPM for a foreign worker, TKA. Furthermore, the company must get approval from BKPM (Letter of Support) for an investor ITAS.

ITAS and ITAP holders who have completed their stay permit and can’t extend their ITAS again can apply for a visit visa telex or limited stay visa (ITAS) telex through the online visa application in the Visa Sub-Directorate, the Immigration Traffic Directorate, and the Directorate General of Immigration after fulfilling the requirements.

However, those who already have a telex visa issued after 1st December 2019 can apply for an ITK or ITAS after paying PNBP visa fees to the local immigration office without leaving Indonesia and without applying for a visa to an Indonesian embassy or consulate abroad. Moreover, foreigners who will return to their country of origin or leave Indonesia for any reason may leave Indonesia within 30 days from 13th July 2020.

Holders of Free Visit Visa (BVK) and Crew Visit

Foreigners holding a free visit visa (BVK) who were granted an emergency stay permit must leave Indonesia within 30 days from 13th July 2020.  BVK holders and Crew Visit holders can apply for a visit visa (ITK) or telex limited stay permit (ITAS) through an online visa application.

Once again, telex visa holders can apply for ITK or ITAS after paying PNBP Visa fees to the local immigration office using the PNBP visa service by first making a Billing Simponi, also known as an online non-tax state revenue information system, as the basis for payment. The PNBP visa payment receipt is considered to be proof of obtaining a visa.

Foreign passport holders of telex visit visas are given a stamp to grant the extendable visit stay permit, and telex limited stay visa (ITAS) holders are stamped with the grant or extension of a limited stay permit as well as a re-entry permit.

Lastly, visa telex holders that were issued from 1st December 2019 up to 13th July 2020 will receive their stay permit starting from the date of ITK or ITAS application submission at a local immigration office, whereas a visa telex that’s issued after the 13th will be ready according to the publishing date of the telex visa. 15.-Penegasan-Surat-Edaran-Direktur-Jenderal-Imigrasi copy (1)

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