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Sporting Event Tough Mudder Launches in Indonesia

One of the world’s most recognized endurance series, Tough Mudder, is coming to Indonesia in October 2016.

Founded in the US in 2010, Tough Mudder is a 16-20 km obstacle course run designed by British Special Forces to test all round strength, stamina, mental grit, teamwork and camaraderie with the most innovative courses. More than 2,000,000 participants worldwide have participated in this competition to date.

With more than 200 events since 2010 spread across seven different countries globally, this year Tough Mudder will reach more ‘Mudders’ by expanding the series of events to Indonesia. On October 1-2, Bali will welcome the very first Tough Mudder in Asia.

What makes Tough Mudder different from any other sports competition is that it is not a race, but a team challenge. Teamwork is needed to complete this challenge with no time to race against.

The event will be held over a period of two days in Jimbaran Hijau, South Bali, a destination popular among holidaymakers on the tourist island. Ridzki Syahputera, a representative of the event, said in the official launching at Bengkel Crossfit Jakarta,”This is anticipated to be the toughest Tough Mudder in the world.” The challenging running terrain in Jimbaran coupled with hot and humid weather are factors participants will find particularly difficult in Bali’s chapter of this renowned global event.

Tough Mudder is working together with Seroja Partners, a market entry specialist based in Jakarta, to bring the first Asian chapter of this event to Bali. Organizers are targeting 8,000-8,500 participants from all over the world to attend. They are hoping to reach locals and expatriates in Indonesia, Australians living in Western Australia, as well as sporting fans from neighbouring Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore.

Tough Mudder does not discriminate towards age, sex, or disabilities. For more information, please visit or the Instagram account of Tough Mudder Indonesia on

Tickets are on sale from April 14, 2016 through the website Expats living in Indonesia holding a valid stay permit (KITAS/KITAP) will be entitled to local ticket prices. 

Tough Mudder


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