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What knot to do when losing weight

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I have decided to explore how knots may be beneficial when losing weight.

The dictionary describes a knot as “an intentional complication in cordage which may be useful or decorative.” Knots may be used in the literal sense or can be used metaphorically too. Mostly in the practical sense, they symbolise tying of two or more things together, in order to strengthen the original piece.

For practical purposes, knots are used every day by a variety of professionals such as surgeons, craftsmen, sailors, and truckers – just to name a few. We too use knots rather unconsciously in our daily lives while we are stitching, cooking, gardening, tying our shoelaces, etc. We sometimes use knots and bows for decorative purposes when adding bows to gifts and presents, or putting bows in our hair, or making knots when braiding hair. Bow ties and bowknots on dresses are commonplace these days too. A knot may also be used as a reminder and placed on a suitcase as we travel the world, so we can easily identify our belongings. Suffice to say that knots are very useful and beneficial to our everyday existence.

Today, however, I am more concerned with the metaphorical sense or application of the knot. I’m talking about “knots in the tummy”, “tying the knot”, being “tied” to a certain idea or “tied down” to responsibilities. My knot is concerned with my efforts to lose weight – it’s the knot of determination.

It all started with my many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight in the past, which was quite frankly due to overeating. It is true; I was exercising daily, doing my walks, drinking a lot of water, etc but nothing worked. I did once try a diet program, but that too was a disaster. It resulted, however, in me making myself a promise to never go down that path again and in turn, never having to hear my husband’s priceless words of wisdom “I told you so” again.

To add to the complications of my efforts, turning 50 was not helping. While it did have its perks, insofar that I was no longer tied down by period cramps, I now cared less what people thought or said about me. Turning 50 was also the time of the dreaded menopause. This was the harbinger of hot flushes, hormone imbalances, and incontinence. Needless to say, being 50 while being a menopausal wreck and overeating was getting me nowhere in my efforts to win the battle of the bulge.

Then came the humble – or in my case, not so humble – knot. I discovered this knot one day by accident, while stepping off the bathroom scales. The discovery of this knot spelled the death knell of my unhealthy eating habits and the birth of a new found self-respect, self-love, self-worth, courage, hope, and determination. I realised, quite literally, that if it was to be, it was up to me.

This knot, somewhere deep in my belly, was a constant reminder to me that I could achieve whatever I put my mind to. Be it ignoring people who were mean and rude or resisting that absolutely delicious piece of moist chocolate cake that promised paradise in a single bite or doing something that I hated doing – like visiting my dentist. Yes, it took me 50 years but I finally found it.

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As a result of having discovered that knot, I now consciously and deliberately make healthy choices; I surround myself with people who are positive, joyful, genuine, and inspiring. I have even made friends with my dentist! I try and live each day in the service of others, by doing small deeds whenever I can, even if it is just smiling at someone or taking the time to listen to their problems without interrupting.

We all have this knot somewhere inside us. It’s a knot of tightness deep inside that reminds us to have determination and courage. This knot can ping us when we feel down, weak, or unworthy. It’s a constant reminder that every bad situation is passing, every problem comes with its own solution and for every rude and mean person on Earth there are ten good people out there. Furthermore, you can turn to your knot when you feel disillusioned with the world or with yourself. It will bring you back to reality and remind you of the times you have coped in the past, of the times when you lifted yourself out of failure and made them your pillars of success and kept going. This amazing knot is not hard to find if you just take a deep moment to look for it. Once you have found it, you will be invincible!

As for me, how many kilos have I lost so far? Well, not much but I’m knot giving up!

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