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Victors of Rip Curl GromSearch 2022 Announced

Victors of Rip Curl GromSearch 2022 Announced
Victors of Rip Curl GromSearch 2022 Announced

Hundreds of young surfers from around the nation competed in the 17th annual Rip Curl GromSearch.

Competing in an exciting, safe, and friendly competitive environment, the best multinational surfers put their skills to the test against each other in the Under 16, Under 14, and Under 10 divisions at Halfway Kuta Beach. Known for its consistent waves and as one of the best surf spots on the island coming with two surfing spots, competitors displayed their best skills against three- to four-foot-high long waves.

“Feels so good to bring the GromSearch back to Halfway Kuta Beach after a two-year break. This event has always been about providing a unique opportunity for kids to have a go at competing. Seeing more than 150 surfers across six divisions turn out proves the future of Indonesian surfing is very bright. Big thanks to all the surfers and families who came down this weekend, and a special shoutout to Halfway Kuta Boardriders and all the sponsors for making it possible,” said James Hendy, President Director of Rip Curl Indonesia.

U16 Boys
U16 Boys

Westen Hirst from the Under 16 boys’ division scored 12,57 points in the final. “I’m really stoked to win the Under 16. The waves were super fun! I didn’t have any strategy but to have fun. Thank you so much to my sponsor and all my supporters!”, he exclaimed after claiming his victory against rivals Teddy Bille (12,00), Luki Haryanto (8,90), and Philip Duke (8,43).

On the Under 16 girls division, Kayla Tani’s outstanding performance in the Under 16 girls’ division accounted for her score of 11,60, followed by Georgie May (9,17), Wayan Meli (8,60), Sang Ayu (5,43), and Chanah Weber (3,17). “I’m feeling pretty excited and happy. I’m glad I got to surf some fun waves and put together such a good heat!” she said.

U16 Girls - Victors of Rip Curl GromSearch 2022
U16 Girls

Free surfer Dylan Wilcoxen took the best overall performance during the contest and booked his Under 14 podium after his last wave scored an 8,50 which resulted in a total heat of 16,00. “I feel so good and I’m so stoked with my final heat. I got lucky with that last wave. Thanks to my sponsor Rip Curl and my parents for supporting me,” said Wilcoxen who was followed by Aditya Somiya (13,76), Made Balon (11,34) and Kalani Ryan (6,00).

Head Judge Wayan Pica claimed that the finals went well with such perfect conditions. “We’ve seen so many talented young surfers especially Boys Under 14 who will strongly move forward to more international competition. Well done to all competitors and hoping to see more of Rip Curl GromSearch in the future,” he concluded.

Rip Curl GromSearch 2022 Victors
Halfway Kuta Beach
Halfway Kuta Beach

Under 16 Division (Boys):
1. Westen Hirst (12,57 points, Indonesia)
2. Teddy Bille (12,00 points, Sweden)
3. Luki Haryanto (8,90 points, Indonesia)
4. Philip Duke (8,43 points, Indonesia)

Under 14 Division (Boys):
1. Dylan Wilcoxen (16,00 points, Indonesia)
2. Aditya Somiya (13,76 points, Indonesia)
3. Made Balon (11,34 points, Indonesia)
4. Kalani Ryan (6,00 points, Indonesia)

Under 10 Division (Boys):
1. I Gede Darma Wisesa (11,43 points, Indonesia)
2. Wayan Agus Jho Ananta (9,30 points, Indonesia)
3. I Kadek Dafa Winata Yasa (7,00 points, Indonesia)
4. Shia Jabrik (5,30 points, Indonesia)

Under 16 Division (Girls):
1. Kayla Tani Martin (11,60 points, USA)
2. Giorgie-May Hicks (9,17 points, England)
3. Wayan Meli Suto (8,60 points, Indonesia)
4. Sang Ayu Putu Anastasya Mega Dewi (5,43 points, Indonesia)
5. Chanah Weber (3,17 points, Canada)

Under 14 Division (Girls):
1. Ziggy Mackenzie (13,67 points, Australia)
2. Lidia Kato (6,60 points, Indonesia)
3. Marshanda Nikijuluw (5,43 points, Indonesia)
4. Sonia Paris Leilani Nalendra (4,90 points, Indonesia)

Under 10 Division (Girls):
1. Wayan Malana Fairbrother (9,00 points, Indonesia)
2. Tasia Belyaeva (6,26 points, Russia)
3. Fiona Alexandra Fuante (5,57 points, Indonesia)
4. Monster Chong (5,26 points, New Zealand)

Watch the GromSearch 2022 wrap-up video:

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