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List of COVID-19 Referral Hospitals in Jakarta

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New reported COVID-19 cases has crossed the 10,000 mark in at least the last four days, after a downward trend over the last few months.

The recent increase in cases has also had an impact on the occupancy rate of hospitals beds for COVID-19 patients.

According to data from the Health Ministry as of 30th January, the bed occupancy rate (BOR) for COVID-19 in hospitals has reached 14 percent nationally.

However, at the national level, BOR has not shown a significant increase. For example, Jakarta’s BOR has reached 52 percent; the capital is known to have the highest increase in COVID-19 cases.

To check the availability of hospital beds in Jakarta, the public can use the Siranap (Inpatient Information System) page provided by the Health Ministry. Siranap can be accessed on or download the application via PlayStore.

Siranap not only provides information about the list of hospitals that treat COVID-19 patients, but also the latest information on the availability of beds for patients. The application also contains the hotline for each hospital.

The following is a list of 87 hospitals in DKI Jakarta that offer treatment for COVID-19 patients, as reported on the official website of the Health Ministry:

Central Jakarta
  • RS Umum Husada 
  • RS Umum Daerah Tanah Abang 
  • RS Umum Murni Teguh Sudirman Jakarta 
  • RS Umum Yarsi 
  • RS Umum Kramat 128 
  • RS Umum Budi Kemuliaan 
  • RS Umum Islam Jakarta Cempaka Putih 
  • RS Umum PAD Gatot Soebroto 
  • RS Umum Menteng Mitra Afia 
  • RS Umum St Carolus 
  • RS Umum AL Dr. Mintoharjo 
  • RS Darurat Covid Wisma Atlet 
  • RS Umum Pertamina Jaya 
  • RS Umum Bunda Jakarta 
  • RS Umum Primaya Evasari Hospital 
  • RS Primaya PGI Cikini 
  • RS Umum Abdul Radjak 
  • RS Umum Daerah Sawah Besar 
  • RS Umum Mitra Kemayoran 
  • RS Umum Daerah Cempaka Putih 
  • RSUPN Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo 
  • RS Umum Daerah Tarakan
North Jakarta
  • RSPI Sulianti Saroso 
  • RS Umum Pluit 
  • RS Umum Islam Jakarta Utara 
  • RS Umum Daerah Tanjung Priok 
  • RS Umum Daerah Koja 
  • RS Umum Pantai Indah Kapuk 
  • RS Umum Daerah Pademangan 
  • RS Umum Pekerja 
  • RS Umum Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok 
  • RS Umum Mitra Keluarga Kelapa Gading 
  • RS Umum Akademik Atma Jaya 
  • RS Umum Hermina Podomoro 
  • RS Umum Gading Pluit 
  • RS Umum Sukmul 
  • RS Umum Daerah Tugu Koja 
  • RS Umum Mulyasari 
  • RS Umum Satya Negara 
  • RS Umum Duta Indah
West Jakarta
  • RS Jantung dan Pembuluh Darah Harapan Kita 
  • RS Anak dan Bunda Harapan Kita 
  • RS Umum Bina Sehat Mandiri 
  • RS Ukrida 
  • RS Umum Sumber Waras 
  • RS Umum Daerah Taman Sari 
  • RS Umum Grha Kedoya 
  • RS Umum Ciputra Hospital Citra Garden City 
  • RS Umum Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi 
  • RS Umum Bhakti Mulia 
  • RS Umum Siloam Hospitals Kebon Jeruk 
  • RS Umum Mitra Keluarga Kalideres 
  • RS Umum Hermina Daan Mogot 
  • RS Kanker Dharmais 
  • RS Umum Pelni Petamburan 
  • RS Jiwa Soeharto Heerjan
South Jakarta
  • RSUP Fatmawati 
  • RS Umum Daerah Kebayoran Lama 
  • RS Umum Yadika 
  • RS Umum Aulia 
  • RS Umum Pondok Indah 
  • RS Umum Daerah Jati Padang 
  • RS Umum MMC 
  • RS Umum Daerah Mampang Prapatan 
  • RS Umum Prikasih
  • RS Umum Daerah Pesanggrahan 
  • RS Umum Dr. Suyoto Pusrehab Kemhan 
  • RS Umum Kartini 
  • RS Umum Bhayangkara Lemdiklat Polri 
  • RS Umum Daerah Tebet 
  • RS Umum Pusat Pertamina
East Jakarta
  • RSK Pusat Otak Nasional 
  • RS Umum Daerah Budhi Asih 
  • RS Umum Adhyaksa 
  • RS Umum Premier Jatinegara 
  • RS Umum Hermina Jatinegara 
  • RS Umum Columbia Asia Pulomas 
  • RS Umum Daerah Pasar Rebo 
  • RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi 
  • RS UKI 
  • RS Umum Harum 
  • RS Umum Pengayom Cipinang 
  • RS EMC Pulomas 
  • RS Umum Daerah Matraman 
  • RS Jiwa Duren Sawit 
  • RS Umum Yadika 
  • RS Pudikkes

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